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Update help part for ONT demultiplex #112

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......@@ -64,17 +64,23 @@ along with this program. If not, see <>.
<li><strong>Format</strong> :
The format of the sample file.
<li><strong>Nb reads</strong> :
The total number of reads for this Flow Cell (including the reads that are filtered during the basecalling).
<li><strong>NB Sequences</strong> :
The total number of reads/sequences for this sample.
<li><strong>Total bases</strong> :
The number of bases for this Flow Cell.
<li><strong>Total Length</strong> :
The number of bases for this sample.
<li><strong>Mean read length</strong> :
The median or mean length of the total reads (bases).
<li><strong>Mean Length</strong> :
The mean sequence length this sample (bases).
<li><strong>N50 read length</strong> :
50% of all bases come from reads longer than this value.
<li><strong>Min Length</strong> :
The minimum sequence length this sample (bases).
<li><strong>Max Length</strong> :
The maximum sequence length this sample (bases).
<li><strong>N50</strong> :
50% of all bases come from reads/sequences longer than this value.
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