Commit d47603be authored by Penom Nom's avatar Penom Nom
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no group for pacbio

parent 5c7cc980
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ class PacBioQualityCheck (NG6Workflow):
def process(self):
add_pacbio_raw_file = self.add_component("AddPacBioRawFiles", [self.runobj, self.get_all_reads()])
h5tofastq = self.add_component("H5toFastq", [self.get_all_reads()])
fastqc = self.add_component("FastQC", [h5tofastq.output_fastqs, False, False, "fastqc.tar.gz"], parent = h5tofastq)
fastqc = self.add_component("FastQC", [h5tofastq.output_fastqs, False, True, "fastqc.tar.gz"], parent = h5tofastq)
self.add_component("RS_Subreads", [self.get_all_reads()])
\ No newline at end of file
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