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delete old compioentn runassembly2ng6

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classification = ng6
; The analyse name to display in ng6
; The analyse description to display in ng6
$;ANALYSE_DESCRIPTION$;=Assemblage de novo des lectures par mid.
; The analyse software
; The analyse software version
; The analyse software parameters
; The run_assembly results archive name
$;RESULTS_ARCHIVE_NAME$; = `cat $;REPOSITORY_ROOT$;/output_repository/gunzip/$;PIPELINEID$;_raw_input/gunzip.list | perl -lne "printf qq(basename %s .sff\n),\\$_;" | sh`_run_assembly.tar.gz
$;INPUT_FILE$; = $;REPOSITORY_ROOT$;/output_repository/create_list_dir/$;PIPELINEID$;_run_assembly/filelist.list
;; the following is only used when iterating over an INPUT_DIRECTORY
; The run config file the analyse belongs to
$;NG6CFG_FILE$; = $;REPOSITORY_ROOT$;/output_repository/ng6run2ergatis/$;PIPELINEID$;_raw_input/run.cfg
; OR The project id the analyse belongs to
;; this will be the root of the IDs generated, usually just the project abbreviation.
$;DESCRIPTION$;=Add assembly analysis to ng6 run use the ng6 cfg file
;The version,revision,tag here is set by an interpolated CVS tag
$;REVISION$;=$Revision: 5801 $
$;ITERATOR1$; = i1
;Distributed options
$;GROUP_COUNT$; = 150
;the following keys are replaced at runtime by the invocation script
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