Utilisateur INRAE
Ne pas utiliser l’établissement INRAE pour la connexion SSO, choisir INRA ou IRSTEA comme habituellement.
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Commit baf12054 authored by Romain Therville's avatar Romain Therville 🐭

Update to tx_nG6_db.php

I removed two useless comments, that I left for no reason.

issue #151
parent c5f5c618
......@@ -171,8 +171,6 @@ class tx_nG6_db {
//Get list of obsolete run/analyses per project
static function filter_list_retention_data_info($filter_space, $max_retention_date, $create_user_id, $without_user_group_id,$with_user_group_id) {
//file_put_contents("/work/ng6-test/jflow_rtherville/ng6_php.log","IN tx_nG6_db.php, Hello!", FILE_APPEND);
//filter by date
if ( $max_retention_date != "" ) {
......@@ -197,9 +195,7 @@ class tx_nG6_db {
$where = join(' AND ', $conditions);
//file_put_contents("/work/ng6-test/jflow_rtherville/ng6_php.log","IN tx_nG6_db.php, returned=".print_r(tx_nG6_db::select_list_retention_data_info($where),TRUE), FILE_APPEND);
return (tx_nG6_db::select_list_retention_data_info($where));
return (tx_nG6_db::select_list_retention_data_info($where));
static function select_a_project_retention_data_info($project_id=null, $all=FALSE, $count_hidden=FALSE) {
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