Commit 96df9089 authored by Romain Therville's avatar Romain Therville 🐭
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Merge branch 'issue#129' into 'master'

Merge issue#129 with master

See merge request !72
parents 1629602a 13279d3d
......@@ -91,7 +91,5 @@ class MoveProject (Component):
logging.getLogger("MoveProject.process").debug(" stdout = "+str(self.stdout)+"\n")
self.add_python_execution(migrate_project, cmd_format="{EXE} {ARG} {OUT}",
outputs = self.stdout, arguments = [self.project_id, self.space_id], local = True)
#self.add_python_execution(migrate_project, cmd_format="{EXE} {ARG}",
# arguments = [self.project_id, self.space_id])
outputs = self.stdout, arguments = [self.project_id, self.space_id])
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