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new conta

parent cb2c6b6b
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ import logging
import pickle
import datetime
import time
import shutil
from subprocess import call
from shutil import copyfile, rmtree
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser, RawConfigParser
......@@ -503,6 +504,17 @@ class Analysis (Component):
Utils.tar_files(files, os.path.join(self.__get_work_directory(), archive_name), delete)
Utils.bz2(os.path.join(self.__get_work_directory(), archive_name), self.__get_work_directory(), True)
def _save_directory(self, directory, directory_name=None):
add a directory in the analysis directory
@param directory : the path to the directory to link
@param directory_name : the directory name to use
# First copy the file into the analysis directory
if os.path.isdir(directory) :
if directory_name == None:
directory_name = os.path.basename(directory)
shutil.copytree(directory, os.path.join(self.__get_work_directory(), directory_name))
def _save_file(self, file, file_name=None, gzip=False):
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