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from jflow.component import Component
from jflow.iotypes import OutputFile, OutputFileList, InputFile, InputFileList, Formats
from jflow.abstraction import MultiMap
from weaver.function import ShellFunction
class MothurTreeShared(Component):
def define_parameters(self, shared_files, calc="thetayc", label="0.01"):
:param shared_files: shared files to process
:type shared_files: str
:param calc :
:type calc : str
:param label :
:type label : st
#define parameters
self.calc = calc
self.label = label
#define input files
self.shared_files = InputFileList(shared_files)
#define output files
self.tree_files = OutputFileList(self.get_outputs('{basename_woext}.'+self.calc+'.'+self.label+'.tre', self.shared_files))
self.stdout = OutputFileList(self.get_outputs('{basename_woext}.stdout', self.shared_files))
def process(self):
print ">>>Process make.shared"
treeshared = ShellFunction(self.get_exec_path("mothur") + ' "#tree.shared(shared=$1,calc='+self.calc+',label='+self.label+',outputdir='+self.output_directory+'/)" > $2',\
cmd_format='{EXE} {IN} {OUT}')
treeshared = MultiMap(treeshared, inputs=[self.shared_files], outputs=[self.stdout,self.tree_files])
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