Commit 7241a6bc authored by Penom Nom's avatar Penom Nom
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No commit message

No commit message
parent ef122672
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ class Casava18 (NG6Workflow):
addrawfiles = self.add_component("AddRawFiles", [self.runobj, concatenatefastq.concat_files, self.args["compression"]])
# make some statistics on raw file
fastqc = self.add_component("FastQC", [fastqilluminafilter.fastq_files_filtered, False, True,"_fastqc.tar.gz"], parent = fastqilluminafilter)
fastqc = self.add_component("FastQC", [fastqilluminafilter.fastq_files_filtered, True, True,"_fastqc.tar.gz"], parent = fastqilluminafilter)
# contamination_search
if self.args["databank"]:
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