Commit 7166d0a4 authored by Maxime Manno's avatar Maxime Manno 🍜
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Prepare init to add the demultiplex ONT stats analysis

parent 771e3ab8
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ class OntQualityCheck (NG6Workflow):
self.add_parameter("compression", "How should the data be compressed once archived", choices= [ "none", "gz", "bz2"], default = "gz")
self.add_parameter("trimming", "use trimming with porechop or not",choices= [ "yes", "no"], default = "no")
self.add_input_file("summary_file", "Input summary basecalling file", default=None)
self.add_parameter("barcoded", "If barcoded run : correspondance file", default = None)
self.add_parameter("barcoded", "If barcoded run : yes", default = "no")
self.add_parameter("fast5dir", "path of the fast5 directory", default = None)
def process(self):
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