Commit 576832fb authored by Celine Noirot's avatar Celine Noirot
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Add login box template

parent 2104bacb
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ import tempfile, os, sys, re, hashlib, urllib, zipfile
import distutils.dir_util as dirutil
import jflow.utils as utils
import uuid
import shutil
from MySQLdb import *
......@@ -66,6 +67,9 @@ class Install (Workflow):
os.symlink(os.path.join(ng6conf.get_save_directory(), "data"),
os.path.join(self.args["web_path"], "fileadmin", "data"))
shutil.copyfile(os.path.join(ng6_path, "ui", "felogin.html"),
os.path.join(self.args["web_path"], "typo3", "sysext", "felogin", "template.html"))
# Create config file
with open(os.path.join(self.args["web_path"],"typo3conf", "localconf.php")) as f:
config_lines= ''.join(f.readlines()[:-1])
......@@ -150,5 +154,5 @@ class Install (Workflow):
os.chmod( r , 0o777)
print "Web site is available at http://"+ng6conf.get_server_parameters()[0]+"/ng6 "
print "Visit the web site to finalize the installation "
print "Go http://"+ng6conf.get_server_parameters()[0]+"/ng6/index.php?id=3 to finalize the installation "
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