Commit 4f7c77cf authored by Jerome Mariette's avatar Jerome Mariette
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chmod automaticly smarty directories

parent 07be36e6
if (!defined ('TYPO3_MODE')) die ('Access denied.');
## Chmod the smarty cache and template_c directories
exec('chmod 777 '.t3lib_extMgm::siteRelPath($this->extKey).'res/smarty/cache');
exec('chmod 777 '.t3lib_extMgm::siteRelPath($this->extKey).'res/smarty/templates_c');
## Extending TypoScript from static template uid=43 to set up userdefined tag:
t3lib_extMgm::addTypoScript($_EXTKEY,'editorcfg',' = < plugin.tx_nG6_pi1.CSS_editor
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