Commit 36559ab7 authored by Celine Noirot's avatar Celine Noirot
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Merge branch 'issue#146' into 'dev'

Merge branch issue#146 with dev

See merge request !92
parents 899fcd64 c3e82abf
......@@ -703,7 +703,7 @@ $(function () {
$.each(val, function(key,values){
var checkbox = '<center><input id="chk_allproject_"'+values["pid"]+'" type="checkbox" value="' + values["pid"] + '" class="chk_allproject"></center>' ;
var row=[checkbox, "<a href='index.php?id=3&tx_nG6_pi1[project_id]="+values["pid"]+"'>"+values["project_name"]+"</a>"];
var row=[checkbox, "<a href='index.php?id=55&tx_nG6_pi1[project_id]="+values["pid"]+"'>"+values["project_name"]+"</a>"];
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