Commit 19e57461 authored by Claire Kuchly's avatar Claire Kuchly
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modif barcode result

parent a329df5d
......@@ -279,11 +279,13 @@ class RS_Subreads (Analysis):
self._add_result_element("metrics2", "headers", ','.join(['Reads', 'Bases']), group)
stats = self.parse_barcode_report_json(jsonfile)
barcode_sample = []
for i,barcode in enumerate(stats['Barcode Name']):
self._add_result_element(barcode, 'Reads', stats['Reads'][i] , group)
self._add_result_element(barcode, 'Bases', stats['Bases'][i] , group)
self._add_result_element(sample, 'Reads', stats['Reads'][i] , barcode)
self._add_result_element(sample, 'Bases', stats['Bases'][i] , barcode)
self._add_result_element("metrics2", "barcode_sample", ','.join(barcode_sample), group)
# ------ parsing of json files ------
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