Commit 1175ba86 authored by ckuchly's avatar ckuchly
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Add 10X index reading from file

parent e18eb015
......@@ -167,6 +167,23 @@ class NG6ConfigReader(object):
except :
raise Exception("Failed when parsing the config file get_454_mids !")
def get_10X_indexs(self):
return the 10X indexs list
@return : hash table with 10X barcode list of index
barcode_array = {}
barcodes = self.reader.items("10X_barcodes")
for barcode in barcodes:
#print("config reader")
#logging.getLogger("ng6").debug("barcode[0] = " + barcode[0].upper())
barcode_array[barcode[0].upper()] = barcode[1].upper()
return barcode_array
except :
raise Exception("Failed when parsin the config file for 10X barcodes !")
def get_workflow_filters(self):
Return a list of workflow class names
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