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update nG6 source download

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......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ CREATE USER 'typo3'@' %' IDENTIFIED BY 'typo3';
GRANT ALL ON typo3.* TO 'typo3'@' %';
#Get last ng6 source code
svn checkout svn://
Download the latest version from
Now go to step #4.
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ Now go to step #4.
<section id="download">
<h1 class="page-header">Step #2 <small>download the latest copy</small></h1>
<p>The latest version can be downloaded from the <a href="" target="_blank">download page</a>.</p>
<p>The latest version can be downloaded from the <a href="" target="_blank">page</a>.</p>
<section id="extract">
......@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ dbname = typo3
# where should be written the log file
log_file = /path/to/jflow.log
log_level = logging.INFO
# Where should the pipelines write results, should be accessible
# by all cluster nodes
work_directory = /path/to/work
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