Commit a406516a authored by Joanna Fourquet's avatar Joanna Fourquet
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parent 1938ec12
......@@ -819,7 +819,7 @@ ERR3201918_c55.Prot_05056 0 1290 0
The first lines of this file are:
head Correspondence_global_clstr_genes.txt
seed_cluster id_contig
seed_cluster id_gene
ERR3201914_c35.Prot_05719 ERR3201914_c35.Prot_05719
ERR3201914_c11.Prot_02572 ERR3201914_c11.Prot_02572
ERR3201914_c693.Prot_23213 ERR3201914_c693.Prot_23213
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