Commit 6924e6be authored by MARTIN Pierre's avatar MARTIN Pierre
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30_08 changes (refactoring + f_tests)

parent 2295377c
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ try:
import re
import os
import os.path as path
from pathlib import Path
import json
import subprocess
......@@ -75,20 +76,32 @@ def json_load(step):
return files_list
def files_load(exp_dir, step):
files_list = []
files_dir = path.join(path.abspath(exp_dir), step)
for file in Path(files_dir).rglob('*.*'):
files_list.append(path.relpath(file, start = files_dir))
return sorted(files_list)
# Do file comparisons for given step and write output
def check_files(exp_dir, obs_dir, step, sampleIds):
def check_files(exp_dir, obs_dir, step):
# Check existence of expected and observed directories
if not path.exists(exp_dir) or not path.exists(obs_dir):
sys.exit('{a} or {b} folder(s) do not exist, please check --exp_dir and --obs_dir parameters'.format(a = exp_dir, b = obs_dir))
# Load files and methods list from JSON file
files_list = json_load(step)
# print files_list, len(files_list)
# sys.exit()
# files_list = json_load(step)
# Load files list to test from exp_dir folder
files_list = files_load(exp_dir, step)
# Load list of sample ids given by user
sampleIds_list = sampleIds.split(',')
# sampleIds_list = sampleIds.split(',')
# Initiate log for untested files (removes already existing logs)
not_tested_log = 'ft_{}.not_tested'.format(step)
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ def main():
if steps_list[step] <= steps_list[args.step]:
# Launch test on expected and observed files from this step
out = check_files(args.exp_dir, args.obs_dir, step, args.sampleIds)
out = check_files(args.exp_dir, args.obs_dir, step)
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
You need to use --skip_removal_host or --host_fasta or --skip_01_clean_qc. If it is not the case, an error message will occur.
--skip_kaiju Skip taxonomic affiliation of reads with kaiju.
--kaiju_db_dir Directory with kaiju database already built ("PATH/directory").
--kaiju_db Indicate kaiju database you want to build. Use: --kaiju_db """.
--kaiju_db Indicate kaiju database you want to build. Use: --kaiju_db "".
You need to use --kaiju_db_dir or --kaiju_db or --skip_kaiju. If it is not the case, an error message will occur.
02_assembly options:
......@@ -637,6 +637,11 @@ process reads_deduplication {
samtools sort -n -o ${sampleId}.filtered.sort.bam ${sampleId}.filtered.bam
bedtools bamtofastq -i ${sampleId}.filtered.sort.bam -fq ${sampleId}_R1_dedup.fastq -fq2 ${sampleId}_R2_dedup.fastq
gzip ${sampleId}_R1_dedup.fastq ; gzip ${sampleId}_R2_dedup.fastq
rm ${sampleId}.sort.bam
rm ${sampleId}.fixmate.bam
rm ${sampleId}.fixmate.positionsort.bam
rm ${sampleId}.filtered.bam
rm ${sampleId}.filtered.sort.bam
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ params {
// Ressources.
kaiju_db_dir = false
kaiju_db = false
kaiju_db = ""
diamond_bank = ""
accession2taxid = ""
taxdump = ""
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