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Remove instruction telling to add singularity image path in config.

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......@@ -70,16 +70,6 @@ two files (`metagwgs.sif` and `eggnog_mapper.sif`) must have been downloaded.
At the end of the build, two files (`metagwgs.sif` and `eggnog_mapper.sif`) must have been generated.
**WARNING:** to ensure Nextflow can find the _.sif_ files, we encourage you to change the _nextflow.config_ file in metagWGS to contain these lines:
process {
container = '$SING_IMG_FOLDER/metagwgs.sif'
withLabel: EGGNOG {
container = '$SING_IMG_FOLDER/eggnog_mapper.sif'
Where $SING_IMG_FOLDER leads to the directory where the singularity images are built/downloaded.
## V. Use metagWGS
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