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add default parameters for genotoul profile

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......@@ -3,3 +3,15 @@ includeConfig 'singularity.config'
process.executor = 'slurm'
singularity.runOptions = "-B /work/bank/ -B /bank -B /work2 -B /work -B /save -B /home -B /work/project -B /usr/local/bioinfo"
process.queue = 'workq'
params {
kaiju_db_dir = "/bank/kaijudb/kaijudb_refseq_2020-05-25/"
eggnog_mapper_db_dir = "/bank/eggnog-mapper/eggnog-mapper-2.0.4-rf1/data/"
eggnog_mapper_db_download = false
taxdump = "/work/bank/ncbi/blast/nr/nr_2022-1-5/flat/pub/taxonomy/new_taxdump/"
accession2taxid = "/work/bank/ncbi/blast/nr/nr_2022-1-5/flat/pub/taxonomy/accession2taxid/prot.accession2taxid.FULL"
diamond_bank = "/bank/ncbi/blast/nr/current/diamond/nr.dmnd"
// change following path if you want to use genotoul genomes:
host_index = ""
host_fasta = ""
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