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If you provide several times the same item in a list it will be considered as unique. <br/>
You can also name each list using input field before the corresponding one. The length of the name is limited up to eleven characters.
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<h4>Two display modes: classic and Edwards</h4>
<p>The default value is 'classic' to have a classical venn diagram to be displayed. If you want a Edwards-Venn
diagram display, just set the drop-down list to 'edwards'. Available values are: 'classic' and 'edwards'.</p>
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<h4>Question mark</h4>
<p>For all diagrams, when the intersection count size exceeds the allowed space, the value is substituted by a question mark.
The real value pops-up on mouse over.</p>
The real value pops-up on mouseover.</p>
<h4>Click function</h4>
<p>To display the specific or shared element(s) click on the intersection numbers. The linked elements have been list in the
uneditable textarea below the jvenn diagram.</p>
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