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......@@ -274,6 +274,8 @@ sets and their overlapping areas \cite{Bianchia2013, Aravindraja2013}.
jvenn is a javascript library written as a jQuery plugin \cite{jquery}.
\section*{Results and Discussion}
\subsection*{How to embed jquery.venny in your own web application}
......@@ -342,14 +344,19 @@ the system and for pointing out features worth developing.
\caption{\csentence{Sample figure title.}
A short description of the figure content
should go here.}
\caption{\csentence{A five lists Venn diagram.}
A Venn diagram displaying overlaps between five different biological samples. When
the user click on a number, the function called is the one specified by the application
developper. On the top-right, the exporting module allows the user to download its diagram
as a png file.}
\caption{\csentence{Sample figure title.}
Figure legend text.}
\caption{\csentence{A six lists Edwards-Venn diagram.}
When the user is pointing a specific number, the lists involved in the intersection
are overlighted and the other ones are blurred. In this example, the user pointed the
intersection between the samples SRR068049, SRR068051 and SRR068052 which contains
twelve different identifiers.}
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