Commit f1974310 authored by Frédéric Escudié's avatar Frédéric Escudié
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Fix bug with BoolParameter value from GUI.

parent 9c3bb772
......@@ -495,7 +495,9 @@ class BoolParameter(int, AbstractParameter):
def __new__(self, name, help, default=False, type=types.BooleanType, choices=None, required=False,
flag=None, sub_parameters=None, group="default", display_name=None):
bool_default = False if default == None else bool(default)
bool_default = True
if default == None or default in ["False", "F", "false", "f", 0, "0"]:
bool_default = False
val = int.__new__(self, bool_default)
val.is_None = False if default != None else True
for attr in bool.__dict__:
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