Commit aa33296e authored by Floreal Cabanettes's avatar Floreal Cabanettes
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Fix: prevent to add lib dir multiple times to python path

parent 964d257f
......@@ -575,7 +575,9 @@ class Component(object):
add_path=list(), collect=False, local=False, map=False, cmd_format=""):
workflow_dir = Path(os.path.dirname(inspect.getfile(self.__class__))).parent
add_path.append(str(workflow_dir) + os.path.sep + "lib")
lib_dir = str(workflow_dir) + os.path.sep + "lib"
if not lib_dir in add_path:
if map:
if not issubclass(inputs.__class__, list) or not issubclass(outputs.__class__, list):
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