Commit a5d483f9 authored by Floreal Cabanettes's avatar Floreal Cabanettes
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Fix __write_element function for objects inputs/outputs

parent c51f935a
......@@ -595,7 +595,7 @@ class Component(object):
collect=collect, local=local, arguments=arguments)
py_function(inputs=new_inputs, outputs=new_outputs, arguments=arguments, includes=includes+includes_in)
self.__write_trace(function.__name__, inputs, outputs, arguments, cmd_format, map, "PythonFunction")
def add_shell_execution(self, source, inputs=[], outputs=[], arguments=[], includes=[],
......@@ -635,12 +635,11 @@ class Component(object):
if isinstance(element[0], list):
for i in range(len(element)) :
to_write+="List"+str(i+1)+": \n"
to_write+="\n".join([str(x) for x in element[i]])+"\n"
else :
to_write+="\n".join([str(x) for x in element])+"\n"
else :
to_write+= element+"\n"
to_write+= str(element)+"\n"
if to_write != "" :
fh.write(title+" :\n")
\ No newline at end of file
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