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......@@ -482,8 +482,6 @@ class MyWorkflow (Workflow):
Example: RequiredIf?ANY[adapter_1!="AATGC",adapter_2=*,gtf_file=None]</li>
<li><strong>ActivateIf:</strong> parameter is enabled only if other parameters have some values.<br/>
<em>Syntax (like RequiredIf rule):<br/></br:>ActivateIf?(ANY|ALL)[param_1=value1,param_2=value2,...]</em> (all conditions or any condition)</li>
<li><strong>UniqueAll:</strong> the file given for this parameter must be not given for another one</li>
<em>Syntax: Unique</em>
......@@ -497,8 +495,6 @@ class MyWorkflow (Workflow):
<p>This method takes the same arguments as <code>add_input_file()</code>. However, adding this parameter,
the final user will be allowed to provide multiple files and the object attribut <code>self.parameter_name</code> will be
settled as a Python list.</p>
<p>The only rule available for this function is <code>Unique<code>: a file must be provided only once.</p>
......@@ -745,10 +741,8 @@ self.add_parameter("sequencer", "The sequencer type.", choices=["HiSeq2000",
<td>Define custom rules on the parameter. Rules are separated by a ";"<br/>
Available rules:<br/>
<li><strong>Exclude:</strong> exclude parameters. If one is given, the other must be not given.<br/>
<em>Syntax: Exclude=param1,param2,...</em></li>
<li><strong>ToBeRequired:</strong> require other parameters if parameter is given.<br/>
<em>Syntax: ToBeRequired=param1,param2,...</em></li>
<li><strong>FilesUnique:</strong> all files in all sub-parameters must be unique.<br/>
<em>Syntax: FilesUnique</em></li>
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