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No commit message

No commit message
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......@@ -375,17 +375,15 @@ class JFlowServer (object):
elif kwargs["display"] == "graph":
g = workflow.get_execution_graph()
status = self.jsonify_workflow_status(workflow)
input, inputs, components = [], [], []
nodes = []
for node in g.nodes():
if Workflow.INPUT_GRAPH_LABEL in g.node_attributes(node):
nodes.append({"name": node, "type": "input"})
elif Workflow.INPUTS_GRAPH_LABEL in g.node_attributes(node):
nodes.append({"name": node, "type": "inputs"})
elif Workflow.COMPONENT_GRAPH_LABEL in g.node_attributes(node):
status["input_nodes"] = input
status["inputs_nodes"] = inputs
status["components_nodes"] = components
nodes.append({"name": node, "type": "component"})
status["nodes"] = nodes
status["edges"] = g.edges()
return status
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