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Dot plots are widely used to quickly compare sequence sets. They provide a synthetic similarity overview, highlighting repetitions, breaks and inversions. Different tools have been developed to easily generated genomic alignment dot plots, but they are often limited in the input sequence size. D-GENIES is a standalone and WEB application performing large genome alignments using [minimap2]( software package and generating interactive dot plots. It enables users to sort query sequences along the reference , zoom in the plot and download several image, alignment or sequence files. D-GENIES is an easy to install open source software package (GPL) developed in Python and JavaScript.
How to use?
You can use the demo instance [here](
Or you can install your own instance. The install documentation is available [here](
D-Genies is developed by the [Bioinfo team]( of the [Genotoul platform]( ([INRA](
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