Commit 50a9247d authored by Gauthier Quesnel's avatar Gauthier Quesnel
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gui: remove useless parameter in tooltip

parent 7207d0c2
......@@ -2075,7 +2075,7 @@ editor::show_model_dynamics(model& mdl) noexcept
template<typename Dynamics>
static status
make_input_tooltip(editor& ed, Dynamics& dyn, std::string& out)
make_input_tooltip(Dynamics& dyn, std::string& out)
if constexpr (is_detected_v<has_input_port_t, Dynamics>) {
for (size_t i = 0, e = std::size(dyn.x); i != e; ++i) {
......@@ -2124,12 +2124,13 @@ show_tooltip(editor& ed, const model& mdl, const model_id id),;
auto ret = ed.sim.dispatch(mdl, [&]<typename Dynamics>(Dynamics& dyn) {
if constexpr (is_detected_v<has_input_port_t, Dynamics>)
return make_input_tooltip(ed, dyn, ed.tooltip);
auto ret = ed.sim.dispatch(
mdl, [&]<typename Dynamics>(Dynamics & dyn) {
if constexpr (is_detected_v<has_input_port_t, Dynamics>)
return make_input_tooltip(dyn, ed.tooltip);
return status::success;
return status::success;
if (is_bad(ret))
ed.tooltip += "error\n";
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