Commit 30395800 authored by Gauthier Quesnel's avatar Gauthier Quesnel
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Baryonyx: v0.3.0

parent 2986403e
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0 FATAL_ERROR)
project(baryonyx VERSION LANGUAGES CXX)
project(baryonyx VERSION LANGUAGES CXX)
= Baryonyx
Gauthier Quesnel <>
v0.3, 2018-??-??
v0.3, 2018-09-11
project(libbaryonyx VERSION LANGUAGES CXX)
project(libbaryonyx VERSION LANGUAGES CXX)
option(WITH_FULL_OPTIMIZATION "Disable all logging facilities and active heavy optimization code. [default: off]" OFF)
Package: rbaryonyx
Type: Package
Title: Integer or Binary Linear Programming Solver
Version: 0.2.99
Date: 2017-05-18
Version: 0.3.0
Date: 2018-09-11
Author: Gauthier Quesnel <>
Maintainer: Gauthier Quesnel <>
Description: This package provides function to solve and to optimize
PKG_CPPFLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags baryonyx-0.2` -std=c++14
PKG_LIBS = `pkg-config --libs baryonyx-0.2` -std=c++14
PKG_CPPFLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags baryonyx-0.3` -std=c++14
PKG_LIBS = `pkg-config --libs baryonyx-0.3` -std=c++14
PKG_CPPFLAGS = -std=c++14 -I$(LP_PATH)/$(WIN)/lib/include -I$(MINGW_PATH)/mingw$(WIN)/include
PKG_LIBS = -std=c++14 -Llibbaryonyx-0.2 -lbaryonyx-0.2
PKG_LIBS = -std=c++14 -Llibbaryonyx-0.3 -lbaryonyx-0.3
$(SHLIB): libbaryonyx-0.2/libbaryonyx-0.2.a
$(SHLIB): libbaryonyx-0.3/libbaryonyx-0.3.a
@(rm -fr libbaryonyx-0.2 && mkdir libbaryonyx-0.2)
@(cp $(LP_PATH)/$(WIN)/lib/libbaryonyx-0.2.a libbaryonyx-0.2/libbaryonyx-0.2.a)
@(rm -fr libbaryonyx-0.3 && mkdir libbaryonyx-0.3)
@(cp $(LP_PATH)/$(WIN)/lib/libbaryonyx-0.3.a libbaryonyx-0.3/libbaryonyx-0.3.a)
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