Commit 0eb24edb authored by Félix Hartmann's avatar Félix Hartmann
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Cleaned, for PyQt5.

parent e10843f1
......@@ -5,17 +5,9 @@ from __future__ import (unicode_literals, absolute_import, division,
from traits.etsconfig.api import ETSConfig
ETSConfig.toolkit = 'qt4'
ETSConfig.toolkit = 'qt'
import matplotlib as mpl
mpl.rcParams['backend.qt4'] = 'PyQt4' #'PySide' #'PyQt4'
#mpl.rcParams['backend.qt4'] = 'PyQt4'
# We want matplotlib to use a QT backend
# We want matplotlib to use a wxPython backend
# matplotlib.use('WXAgg')
from controlpanel import ControlPanel
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