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test Test
  Using cached platformdirs-2.5.1-py3-none-any.whl (14 kB)
Collecting distlib<1,>=0.3.1
Using cached distlib-0.3.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl (461 kB)
Installing collected packages: mccabe, distlib, toml, six, pyparsing, pyflakes, pycodestyle, py, pluggy, platformdirs, filelock, virtualenv, packaging, flake8, tox
Successfully installed distlib-0.3.4 filelock-3.6.0 flake8-4.0.1 mccabe-0.6.1 packaging-21.3 platformdirs-2.5.1 pluggy-1.0.0 py-1.11.0 pycodestyle-2.8.0 pyflakes-2.4.0 pyparsing-3.0.7 six-1.16.0 toml-0.10.2 tox-3.24.5 virtualenv-20.13.1
$ tox -e py36,flake8
ERROR: tox config file (either pyproject.toml, tox.ini, setup.cfg) not found
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1