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......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ deploy:
- helm create rshiny
- 'sed -ri "s/^(\s*)(containerPort\s*:\s*80\s*$)/\1containerPort: 3838/" rshiny/templates/deployment.yaml'
- 'sed -ri "s/^(\s*)(targetPort\s*:\s*http\s*$)/\1targetPort: 3838/" rshiny/templates/service.yaml'
- >- helm upgrade --namespace $NAMESPACE --install $RELEASE_NAME
- helm upgrade --namespace $NAMESPACE --install $RELEASE_NAME
--set image.repository=rocker/shiny --set image.tag="3.6.1"
--set ingress.enabled=true --set ingress.hosts[0].host=$HOST
--set ingress.hosts[0].paths[0].path="/"
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