Commit 7788e1c3 authored by Christian Pichot's avatar Christian Pichot
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1) Declaration of the model-type for URI of the 'biodiversity thesaurus' in...

1) Declaration of the model-type for URI of the 'biodiversity thesaurus' in order to properly display their name in the AML mapping interface.
2) Multiline display (width=800) of the definitions when mouse is located on the Match checkbox
parent b19e8f4f
......@@ -301,8 +301,8 @@ public class AlignmentPanel extends JInternalFrame implements ActionListener, It
Integer sourceId = m.getSourceId(); //cpichotjv2020
Integer targetId = m.getTargetId(); //cpichotjv2020
ToolTipManager.sharedInstance().setDismissDelay(10000);; //cpichotjv2020
c.setToolTipText(aml.getSource().getDefinitions(sourceId).toString() + "<->" + //cpichotjv2020
aml.getTarget().getDefinitions(targetId).toString()); //cpichotjv2020
c.setToolTipText("<html><p width=\"800\">" + aml.getSource().getDefinitions(sourceId).toString() + " ==?== " + //cpichotjv2020
aml.getTarget().getDefinitions(targetId).toString()+"</p></html>"); //cpichotjv&june2020
if(!a.getMaskExisting() || (a.getMaskExisting() && !m.getStatus3().equals(MappingStatus.CORRECT)) )
......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ public class StringParser
|| name.matches("[0-9]+[_:\\.\\-][0-9]+")
//a c followed by one 1to9 digit...(anaee)
|| name.matches("c[1-9]?+[_:]?.+")//cpichotjv2020
//starting with BLH-...(Biodiversity Thesaurus)
|| name.matches("BLH-[a-zA-Z0-9].+")//cpichotjune2020
//a single letter
|| name.matches("[a-zA-Z]{1}")
//a single letter followed by digits
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