Commit 4723d4b7 authored by mahendra-mariadassou's avatar mahendra-mariadassou
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Update distances in beta diversity panel

parent 9ad33f01
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ dashboardHeader(title = "Easy16S"),
menuItem(HTML("β-diversity"), icon = icon("th"),
label = "Distance : ",
choices = list("bray", "jaccard", "unifrac", "wunifrac", "dpcoa", "jsd", "euclidean")),
choices = list("bray", "jaccard" = 'cc', "unifrac", "wunifrac", "dpcoa", "jsd", "euclidean")),
menuSubItem("MultiDimensional Scaling", tabName = "betaMds"),
menuSubItem("Samples clustering", tabName = "betaCluster"),
menuSubItem("Multivariate ANOVA", tabName = "betaManova"),
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