Commit 24be4224 authored by Slaheddine Kastalli's avatar Slaheddine Kastalli
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parent c2cc959b
export PYTHONPATH=''
source /usr/local/genome/Anaconda2-5.1.0/etc/profile.d/
conda activate snakemake-5.7.4
mkdir -p LOGS/
snakemake \
--snakefile $1 \
--jobscript \
--cluster-config cluster.json \
--cluster "qsub -V -cwd -N {rule} -o {cluster.out} -e {cluster.err} -q {cluster.queue} -pe thread {threads} {cluster.cluster}" \
--keep-going \
--restart-times 5 \
--jobs 80 \
--wait-for-files \
--latency-wait 150 \
--verbose \
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