Commit 02e968dd authored by Slaheddine Kastalli's avatar Slaheddine Kastalli
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Update config.json

parent 0bb6d209
{ {
"THREADS": 20, "THREADS": 8,
"unit": ["R1", "R2"], "unit": ["R1", "R2"],
"primer": ["fwd", "rev"], "primer": ["fwd", "rev"],
"DATABASE": "/db/frogs_databanks/assignation/16S/silva_132_16S_pintail100/silva_132_16S_pintail100.fasta" "DATABASE": "/db/frogs_databanks/assignation/16S/silva_132_16S_pintail100/silva_132_16S_pintail100.fasta"
} }
\ No newline at end of file
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