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......@@ -45,5 +45,19 @@ plans/PESV_workflow.plan
4. See results from `corpus/Xylella/visualisation_html`
*. You may browser the results by using option `-browser`. Run the following command, check the logs and goto [http://localhost:8878](http://localhost:8878)
cd pesv-tm/
softwares/alvisnlp.sif -J-Xmx32G -verbose -cleanTmp \
-alias input corpus/pesv/Xylella-test/txt/ \
-outputDir corpus/pesv/Xylella-test/ \
-entity ontobiotope resources/BioNLP-OST+EnovFood \
-feat inhibit-syntax inhibit-syntax \
## Maintainer
Mouhamadou Ba :
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