Commit f1c81037 authored by Damien Leroux's avatar Damien Leroux
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Fixed a dependency in user_manual's makefile.

parent c89ff6e9
......@@ -7,11 +7,14 @@ EXAMPLE_DIR = $(SRCDIR)/examples/three_parents_F2
all: user_manual.pdf
user_manual.pdf: spell-pedigree.tex detection.tex outputs.tex pipeline.tex pop.tex spell-marker.tex spell-qtl.tex spell-qtl-examples.tex version.tex user_manual.tex images/Spell-pipeline2.svg images/full_map.png images/logo_MIAT.png pdfs/by-sa.pdf pdfs/gpl-v3-logo.pdf .inputs .outputs
pdflatex --shell-escape user_manual.tex && pdflatex --shell-escape user_manual.tex
git tag | tail -1 > version.tex
version.tex: .FORCE
git tag | tail -1 > /tmp/last-tag
diff /tmp/last-tag $@ || cat /tmp/last-tag > $@
spell-pedigree.tex: $(SRCDIR)/doc/man/
/usr/bin/pandoc $(SRCDIR)/doc/man/ --listings -f markdown -t latex -o spell-pedigree.tex
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