Commit bd47a1a9 authored by Damien Leroux's avatar Damien Leroux
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Closes #5.

parent daa92cfa
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ arguments = {
{"Input", "The expected pedigree file must be a CSV file with each row in the following format:\nGENERATION_NAME;Individual number;Parent1 number;Parent2 number\nIndividual numbers are expected to increase and all GREATER than zero, and parent numbers for a given individual are expected to be LESSER than the individual number.\nBreeding lines are encoded with Parent1 = Parent2 = 0.\nSelfings are encoded with Parent1 = Parent2.\nDoubled haploids are encoded with Parent2 = 0.\nThe generation names will be used when specifying genotype and phenotype observations in the later steps.\nThe first line is expected to be a header line and will be ignored.", false, {
{{"-p", "--pedigree-file"},
"Path to the genetic map file",
"Path to the pedigree file",
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