Commit 0c100333 authored by Damien Leroux's avatar Damien Leroux
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Oops. Had forgotten to give the proper URI to the workers in SGE mode.

parent 79fc7b44
......@@ -378,7 +378,10 @@ struct master_sge : public master_base, inet_server {
: master_base(settings, settings->n_threads, job), inet_server(56000, 65535)
, jobs_done(0)
, jobs_total(count_jobs(job, settings))
{ wait_for_server_to_run(); }
m_settings->fifo_path = address();
std::shared_ptr<worker_base> spawn_worker(size_t i, size_t slice_start ,size_t slice_end, const std::string& job);
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